People would fight each other, but none of them would try to fight me. I guess that’s the reason I didn’t get into a fight. It was hard, but it showed me resiliency, and how to take care of myself, and not to rely on others.

leon's story

Because like I said, these kids get out here and they’re lost. They’re so sheltered that when they get out into the real world they go buck wild. Because they don’t know what the hell is going on!


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  • That’s it because the driver was white and Leon was black.
  • You can’t shelter them to the point where they don’t know how to live on their own.
  • I think it’s harming them more than anything.
  • It is fun to look back at the summary and consider a “reading year.” I sort by genre – adult and children’s.

The plain, simple language makes the stories of what he and his family and neighbors survived even more horrific. Really good book for older kids — my 8-year-old was shocked and moved. I like How Leon’s Story is an autobiography about Leon Walter Tillage.

Let’s teach them gradually over time—not, you know, in a week. I think it’s harming them more than anything. I wanted to go down the finance path, but it’s hard for black males to get in those positions. I haven’t really had any luck with the business side.

This was the story of Leon Tillage’s life. He lived through racial segregation and the Jim Crow laws. He speaks of the hard times he and his family went through and how terrible the white men and women treated the people of color.

Leon Walter Tillage. Farrar Straus Giroux, $15 (112pp) ISBN 978-0-374-34379-8

So when I got to her class, we started from square one. That lady was tough, but she was still my favorite teacher because I learned a lot from her. At the end of the day, I like it when people are hard on me, because it makes me want to go harder. My next memory was getting dropped off by a white lady at my soon-to-be foster parents for about 13 years.

Whenever word spreads that the Klan is on the loose, Leon and other black people in the area flee to the woods and hide until the Klan members eventually leave. And then I have my own business called Zeus Energy. Basically, we’re a nighttime energy drink, and you can mix our drink with alcohol. Me and my former supervisor actually came up with the idea when we were joking in the garage, saying like, “These energy drinks are nasty, man, it tastes like medication. Let’s do something.” At first, it was just a joke.

leon's story

You all sit in a room while they go over some dang presentations that don’t make no sense. You’re thinking, “When am I getting out this room? How am I gonna get this thousand dollars without paying attention? ” The foster parents should be teaching you all this stuff, you know, gradually. If I could change something about the system, I would change how the kids are brought up, because once I graduated I didn’t know diddly squat from squat.

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Nevertheless, it is also a story of survival, of overcoming the odds, and of the sense of empowerment that comes with standing up, speaking out, and working for a better world. Leon Tillage may be just one thread in the fabric of America, but his story shows that without his thread—and threads of all people of color—there would be no America at all. However, perhaps the most defining and devastating moment comes when Leon is fifteen years old. His parents are walking on the side of the road when a car full of drunken white teenagers runs them down, killing Leon’s father.

leon's story

If I could talk to past me in foster care, to be honest, I wouldn’t say anything… because you know, I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wasn’t put in that situation. If anything, I’d tell him everything happens for a 4 Product Management Skills You Might Not Know You Need reason. We’re all put in certain situations, but you got to be able to see the good in it, and I can see the good in it. I can tell you right now if I didn’t go into CPS care or anything like that, maybe I’d be in jail or dead.

I find that people are the number one thing. This is a short preview of the document. Your library or institution may give you access to the complete full text for this document in ProQuest. Find out how an advocate supported Malik to challenge the decisions which were being made about him. Just as the two agents begin to breathe a sigh of relief, they receive a transmission from Chris telling them to immediately escape the city. Looking to the sky reveals that it is already too late, as a missile explodes overhead, releasing gas that engulfs the city.

Nicholas’ Story – Young People’s Mental Health

But, you know, everything happens for a reason, and it seems like the mental health field is where I get most of my opportunities. Even though he had did everything he did to me and my brother…I still love the man. After that, I realized I don’t want to leave anything unsaid, or unspoken. I don’t want to not tell people how I feel. So I went to my mom and told her how I felt, and how I felt abandoned by her and her not sticking up for us, and how that really affected me and my adulthood today.

Hear My Voice is a series of first-person testimonies from people with lived experience in the foster care system, created from in-depth interviews. This is Leon’s story, as told to Emma Ledford. Although this story tells a horrible story, there are some other books that will affect the reader more deeply. A quick, short read that will hopefully spur young readers to acquaint themselves with troubling times in our country. The true story, and soft introduction to the Civil Rights Movement, specifically the Jim Crow Era.

Leon tells the emotional story of his difficult childhood through this book. I strongly suggest that you read this book because it is a very emotional book and will make you look at society differently. Plus it is a short book if your looking for a quick read. I think it’s one of those where you don’t really come across. All of the things that happened in this amazing but sad book was sadly true, Mr. Leon Walter Tillage went through all of these events.

This small, quiet looking book packs an emotional wallop that reverberates long after the reader has set the book aside…. “That was just the way it was,” Tillage insists again and again as he tells of the white community’s unrelenting efforts to break his spirit. Never give up, no matter how hard it is. I want to be one of the first black billionaires, within the drink market. You know, there’s so many industries that black people haven’t really partaken in that could use some touching up.

Leon informed his advocate that he feels he does not have enough freedom to do the things he wants to do and does not want to be escorted everywhere he goes. He said ‘I’ve been accompanied for a long, long time. Leon said he felt it was a ‘big weight on his shoulders’ because he really felt it was ‘time to move on’ from the care home and regain his independence.

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